Fluidity - Untitled Project Space, Los Angeles

April 20, 2015





Abby Sin, Niccola DeVereaux, and Ruben Vincent


Opening Reception: Saturday, May 16th from 7 to 11pm


Closing Reception: Saturday, May 30th from 7 to 11pm



UNTITLED PROJECT SPACE is pleased to announce Fluidity a group exhibition of recent 


work by local Los Angeles artists Abby Sin, Niccola DeVereaux, and Ruben Vincent.



Fluidity brings attention to the state of a new generation of abstract painting. These works


aim to explore and reinvent innate faculties of the medium – color, surface, and 


compositional flow. What is revealed is each artist’s obsession with paint as a physical 


material through the distinctive trajectories of their individual practices.



In Abby Sin’s assemblage style paintings, light reactive materials like glass and iridescent


fabrics are used as color over traditional pigments. Their dimensional and layered surfaces 


create an optical experience prompting different viewing angles.



Ruben Vincent’s kinetic paintings encapsulate the fluidity and motion of his paint pouring 


technique. Through a subtle exploration of color he creates luminescent surfaces that 


seem to glow.



The recent work of Niccola DeVereaux combines flat layers of paint with gestural swatches 


of color producing compositions that vibrate through their bold palette and matte saturated 






To view their work online please visit:












707 Mateo Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021




+1 213 375 5169







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